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Fic: In Low Places (Leverage/White Collar)

Sam the Eagle
Title: In Low Places
Summary: so these two honest men walk into a prison cell....
Rating: K
Category: Leverage/White Collar crossover
A/N: help, I can't stop writing Leverage ficlets, I'm supposed to be making powerpoints, will no one save me from myself? Alternatively, someone make an active Leverage kinkmeme so I can post prompts and stuff there.

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Parenting Parker (Leverage Fic)

Sam the Eagle
Title: Parenting Parker
Summary: Four times it required the techniques of a mastermind (it's a very distinctive skillset) and once when it wasn't complicated at all.
Rating: K+
Warnings: None that I know of
A/N: No beta, don't know if it's any good, but I wrote what I wanted to read, and what I wanted to read is the offbeat relationship between Nate and Parker.
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Fic: Good Guys and Nice Guys (Leverage)

Title: Good Guys and Nice Guys
Summary:"Why the hell is everyone so sure I've never killed anyone?"
Rating: FRT
Warnings: Some swearing and violence
A/N: Nate is one scary mofo. I mean, yeah, brain the size of a planet, breaking mobsters' fingers, that too. But I just rewatched The Studio Job, and, PEOPLE. Either he knocked out two giant enforcers—on his own—while wearing a cowboy hat—or, if as he says, they fought each other, he CONVINCED two strangers to fight each other into unconsciousness. Either he beat them down or he TALKED them into unconsciousness. Nate is one scary scary dude.
*** *** *** *** ***
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6x21 6x22

Sam the Eagle
Right-o. Denial it is, then.


Walter and Peter
So. Finale coming up, huh?

As encouragement, I am posting something I wrote in reply to someone's fears for Cas in the final two. :)

He is going to become human due to some heroic sacrifice type thing, and all will be forgiven.

Bobby will grumble about it, but let him take the guest room and make the boys sleep on the couch.

Dean will tease him for his social missteps, and Sam will quietly show him the correct way to do things he had to learn himself when he went to have a normal college life.

When they sit on the Impala to watch the stars, Cas will drink ginger ale because he has no head for alcohol; at first the boys try and make room for him on the hood, but he will take to the roof. It's just a little closer to the stars, and even if it'll never be quite close enough again, Dean reaches up a little to hang on to his ankle and Sam tells him an easier way to tie his shoes.

It will be enough.

Neil Gaiman WINNING

Sam the Eagle
All the awards! All of them!

"I like biting! It's like kissing, only there's a winner."

It was fantastic and interesting and just creepy enough. And oh, oh, oh... "It's a big, complicated word, and so sad..."  Rory cried for her, bless his heart, 'the pretty one'. Bless.


Sam the Eagle
Can I just say, Hawaii Five-0 has built-in mood whiplash.

So you have your opening sequence, which usually has murder, mayhem, angst, despair, all that jazz. Whatever.

Then you have about the perkiest title sequence in the history of ever.

Fortunately, I mostly find it hilarious. ;)

Hawaii Five-0

I got nothing against police procedurals. I even would go so far as to say that I like 'em. However, there's fifty zillion of them on tv, so if you don't grab me by the first regular episode I won't bother.

Hawaii Five-0 never particularly interested me because it didn't seem to have a 'hook'; but I have now discovered the hook.

Danno. ♥

He is irascible. He is professional. He is laissez-faire, right up until you get him on one of his pet topics, then he rants like a champ.

On the whole, he is like a stocky little fountain of perpetually tetchy ire, and I'm a little bit in love.

Currently I am avoiding fanfic because there aren't enough hours in the day, and this is just the sort of show where there's a 20:1 slash:gen ratio, but someday, man! Someday! *attempts to remain strong*

RIP Elisabeth Sladen

Walter and Peter
A very sad day. :( I didn't even know she was sick! She certainly never looked less than fabulous.

Does anyone know what's going to happen with the Sarah Jane Adventures?